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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during cremation? 

This is a process where a pet is placed in a cremation chamber. After the chamber door closes, the machine is turned on and heated to a range of approx. 1400 – 1800 Fahrenheit. The cremation process time can vary depending on the size of your pet, but you could expect it to be approx. 2-3 hours for an average sized pet. After the cremation process is complete, all substances are consumed or burned off, except bone fragments and metal. Any articles such as collars or tags that are left with the animal and not removed prior to cremation may will be destroyed during the process.

The cremated remains are left to cool for a short period of time and then recovered by crematory personnel, by sweeping, brushing, or vacuuming in order to remove the cremated remains from the cremation chamber. Although the crematory operator will make every reasonable effort to remove all of the cremated remains from the cremation chamber, tiny particles and other residue from the process will be left behind.

After the bone fragments have been separated from any metal, they will be mechanically processed or pulverized. This process of pulverizing or reducing may cause incidental commingling of the remains with the residue from the processing of previously cremated remainsGenerally, the only method to ensure your pet’s cremated remains are not comingled with other pets, is to have a private cremation. 

Active commingling can occur between animals during the cremation and/or retrieval process when multiple animals are cremated together in the same chamber. This type of commingling can be minimized with effective partioning but it is impossible to assert that it can be eliminated entirely. When more than one pet is placed in a cremation chamber and then partitioned off, this is often times knows as an individual cremation.


Is a cremation urn required after cremation? 

No, it’s not required, but we highly recommend that you do.  If your plan is to bury your pet’s cremated remains, each cemetery has their own container requirements for burial within their cemetery.  Please refer to your cemetery for their specific requirements.  Many pet cremation providers return your pet's cremated remains in a temporary container, often a tin can or cardboard box. As you browse this website, you’ll find many unique cremation urns, caskets and keepsakes that will serve as a remembrance piece to honor your pet’s life. In most cases, the urns can be personalized with names and dates that make it even more personal.


What size urn is most appropriate for my pet?

After the cremation, you have many choices to consider that can hold the cremated remains. Most often, a permanent cremation urn is chosen as a memorial container and final resting place.There are many choices of urns suitable for your pet. Using smaller sharing keepsake urns is a loving way to divide and share the cremated remains among family members so that each can keep a portion in a place that is close to them. Beautiful keepsake jewelry allows a tiny portion of the cremated remains to be placed in an item that can be worn every day.  Choose an urn based on your personal preferences. Maybe you choose an urn for its beauty or simplicity. Or maybe you choose an urn because it reminds you of your pet somehow. Choosing an urn that brings comfort or is pleasing to the eye will create a fitting memorial of a life well lived.When considering the size of the urn, you’ll notice that urns are made in several different sizes which can accommodate varying amounts of cremated remains.  Generally, the cremated remains from a pet that weighed 8 pounds will require an urn that is approximately 10 cubic inches.  As an example, If your pet was 50 pounds, you’ll want an urn approx. 60-70 cubic inches.  The size of the urn chosen is a matter of personal preference. If you choose an urn that is larger than the amount of cremated remains because you like how it looks, that is perfectly fine. If you choose one that is smaller, you can put the balance of the cremated remains into keepsake urns and share them with others if you wish.


Why choose pet cremation over pet burial?

How to care for your pet after they die is a very personal choice.  Choosing cremation give you the option of having your pet’s cremated remains with you where ever you go, or scattering them in a place that is of special significance to you.  Some important things to consider are whether or not you’ll move from one location to another.  If your plans include relocating at any point or moving after retirement, then you’ll probably want to consider cremation so that you can take the urn with you. There may also be laws that exist in your area that can prevent you from choosing home burial, so please check into your specific city and state laws. 


How can I be assured that I will get my pet’s cremated remains back?

Reputable and responsible pet cremation providers use a tracking system to prevent identification mistakes from happening during the cremation process. The tracking system often times involves a metal tag with a unique number. The tag is assigned upon receipt of your pet, and is not separated from the pet throughout the entire cremation process. Keeping the tag and the remains together throughout the process ensures that the cremated remains of the pet are returned to the correct owner. If you should choose not to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, the crematory will take the ashes and scatter them in a designated area that is set aside for scattering.

Can you guide me in making my pet’s cremation urn or keepsake special and unique to him/her?  

The personalization of your cremation urn or keepsake will truly make it as unique as your relationship was with your pet. From an inscription on an urn or jewelry piece to the special verse on a marker, your sentimental words will create a true reflection of the love that you have for your special pet. Hearing other friends and family member's stories is certainly a wonderful way to reflect and pay tribute to your pet and get everyone involved in honoring their life. Consider thinking about your pet's entire life, more than just their name and their birth date (or if you don’t know their birth date, use the gotcha date) and death date. Reflect on thoughts of your pet and what makes you smile. Maybe it's a nickname, or a saying that really sums up your pet, such as "Our Big Cuddle Bug.” It may also be a photo or a piece of artwork that represents a love of your pet. Each urn or keepsake is uniquely different and personalization options change with each style.  Be creative and have fun with the design.  If your creative mind dreams it, don’t be shy in asking if it can be customized!